Exercise: 1

In English, we use the present simple tense for expressing facts. Present simple verbs are used approximately 75% of the time in English. The verb must agree with the subject.


The Writing test takes one hour.

Topics include issues such as the environment and technology.

Look at the sentences below.

  • Put the verb into the correct tense for the sentence.
  • Pay attention to the subject and then decide if it is singular or plural
  • Then, check subject-verb agreement.

  1. People in western countries (speak) English.
  2. The number of people who (speak) English is increasing in the world today.
  3. IELTS (be) a test which (focus) on using English, rather than on grammar by itself.
  4. Preparation for the IELTS test (include) speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  5. Thousands of people (take) the IELTS test every year.
  6. English test such as IELTS (be) very popular in Indonesia.
  7. Last year, students in many province (take) the exam.
  8. The number of IELTS centres in Indonesia (be) increasing all the time.
  9. A new centre (be) built in Jakarta recently.
  10. Successful candidates (work) hard and (do) a lot of practice every day.

Exercise: 2

Choose the correct option in brackets to complete the sentences below. Check countable and uncountable nouns and the use of plurals carefully.

  1. Soccer is a popular sport for a variety of (reason/reasons).
  2. Firstly, (player/players) need to use their (muscle/muscles) and develop their (fitness/fitnesses) to play soccer.
  3. Developing a good level of fitness helps to avoid health (problem/problems) and (disease/diseases) such as high blood (pressure/pressures) and obesity.
  4. In addition, soccer helps in the development of (skill/skills) such as (teamwork/teamworks) and (strategy/strategies)
  5. Soccer is also fun for the (spectators/spectator), as it is an exciting (sport/sports) which involves fast action.
  6. The (player/players) can become very famous, and some of them can make a lot (money/monies)
  7. Finally, soccer is an important international (sport/sports), and many (competition/competitions) are held throughout the world.

Exercise: 3

Pick the suitable word by underlining.

Word population has increased significantly over the last century. As a result, there is a (short/shortage) of food throughout the world. One way of (solve/solving) this problem is by (increase/increasing) food (production/producing). Techniques such as (irrigating/irrigation) and the development of (improved/improving) seeds will help solve these problems. Another (solving/solution) is to (grow/growing) crops on land instead of animals. This will greatly (increase/increasing) the yield of food (produced/producing) per hectare and will help to feed hungry (person/people).

Exercise: 4

Match the words and meanings. Note: the meanings match the model writing on the previous page. However, some words have other meanings in different contexts.

Exercise: 5

Choose the correct form of the words in brackets in the paragraph below. Fill in the gaps with words from the list above.

(Charge/Charging) money for entry into the ……………….. city is one way to (approach/approached) the (problem/problems) of traffic ……………….. This would …………………………… (motorist/motorists) to use public transport and, at the same time, it (allows/allowing) people to use their cars if they pay a (fee/fees). (Restrict/Restricting) vehicle ……………. To the city is another way of (limit/limiting) the …………………. of traffic. However, this could cause ……………… to some people, for example…………………people, who need to be able to (access/accessed) the inner city in their cars, because they cannot (using/use) public transport easily. A third method for (approaching/approach) the issue is to construct ……………. or ……………….. motorway (network/networks) which can (carry/carrying) cars without (disturb/disturbing) street-level traffic. This would also (reducing/reduce) congestion in the inner city.


Relative pronouns and relative adverbs are very common and useful in English. They are used to join, or link, sentences together. They include words such as: who, where, which, that, whose, when, and why.


  • The first writing task is a description. This description is about a chart or diagram. The first writing task is a description which is about a chart or diagram.
  • Task 2 is an essay. In this essay, candidates must discuss an important issue. Task 2 is an essay where candidates must discuss an important issue.

Exercise: 1

Join these pairs of sentences together, using relative pronouns and relative adverbs.

  1. English is a global language. This language is at least 1,500 years old.
  2. It includes many languages. These languages were brought to Great Britain. (time) People came to trade or to make war there.
  3. The people came to Britain. They spoke different languages.
  4. As a result, English is language. In this language, there are words from many different first languages.
  5. This is the reason. There are so many different ways to spell the same sound in English.
  6. It is also the reason. The same spelling can be pronounced in different ways.



The population increased in 1992. The population increased again in 1993.

So: The population increased in 1992. It increased again in 1993.

Emissions increased slightly over two years. Emissions rose suddenly in 2003.

So: Emissionsincreased slightly over two years. Theyrose suddenly in 2003.

Exercise: 2

Rewrite these pairs of sentences, using referencing pronouns.

  1. These figures show changes in the environment. These figures are for the last five years.
  2. The environment is important to everyone. We all need the environment to survive.
  3. Cars use fossil fuels. Cars also create air pollution.
  4. The hole in the ozone layer is caused by chemicals in the air. The hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger.
  5. The number of species in the world is unknown. But the number of species in the world is decreasing.
  6. The birds in Europe are dying. Scientists can help the birds in Europe.